Title of the Study:

Experiences and expectations of parents and mediators in family mediation services

Principal Investigator:    Angela Pickard

PhD Candidate, Dalla Lana School of Public Health

University of Toronto, Ontario

Supervisor:       Dr. Monique Gignac

       Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health

       University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

Title of the Study

Experiences and expectations of parents and mediators in family mediation services.


The well being of families is an important public health goal. To help address marital and partner conflict resolution, many families are participating in family mediation services. The goal of these programs is to provide families with support and resources that may help to reduce some of the difficulties experienced in separation and divorce and to promote family well-being. However, we currently lack information about the mediation process from the perspective of clients. 

The purpose of this study is to better understand the family mediation process from your perspective. By interviewing mediation clients about their expectations, goals and experiences, we can help shape services to better meet parents’ needs. As part of the study, we will also talk to mediators about their general approaches to mediation, including their expectations, goals and experiences. We will not ask mediators to discuss any specific clients or details of any particular mediation. Instead, we will summarize the views of clients and mediators in order to identify areas that could be improved and areas that clients and mediators believe are working well. 

This study is being undertaken by Ms. Angela Pickard as part of her PhD thesis work at the University of Toronto. Ms. Pickard’s research is being supervised by Dr. Monique Gignac a Professor in the School of Public Health, Dr. Michael Saini, Associate Professor, Department of Social Work and Dr. Joanna Sale, Associate Professor, Health Policy Management and Evaluation. The University of Toronto has a long history of working with community groups to use research to help improve health and social services.